Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twilight Fan Fiction: The Twilight Twenty-Five (er, Five)

The Twilight Twenty-Five was a challenge/community on Live Journal to write 25 Twilight-themed fan fictions between September 1 and December 1 based on specific prompts. The stories could be either one-shots of at least 1000 words or drabbles of exactly 100 words.

Due to a variety of reasons and circumstances, I really procrastinated on this, and by November 1 I had resigned to not even bothering. For whatever reason, I decided on the last day of the challenge, with only a few hours left, to write as many drabbles as I could.

I only got five done before I burned out. Although I originally intended to write from a variety of character viewpoints, after the first couple, I began falling back to my usual Edward/Bella and they started sounding the same. :-/ But it was good because it broke the writer's block I've been pushing against for a while. It's so freeing to know you only have to write 100 words and not have to have a complete story cycle, but also challenging to get exactly 100 words.

My five drabbles are posted as a story on Each drabble is a new chapter:

A new Twilight 25 challenge is starting in January. I haven't decided yet if I will participate or not.