Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Pumpkin Carvings

I can't believe I forgot to update my blog with my 2009 Pumpkin Carvings! Shame on me!

Get ready, there are a lot of them...I discovered the joy carving fake pumpkins (I used the ones from Michael's), which meant trying more intricate designs since I knew they wouldn't rot away in a few days.

Let's start with the real ones. I did two real pumpkins this year and let my son choose the pattern for both. As you can see, he went for a Batman theme.


Pattern from


Pattern from

This one is the first fake pumpkin I did, for my husband:


Pattern from

Another one for my son:

Pattern from:

And here's one for the whole family:

Pattern from

And now onto mine...I think you can guess what theme mine will be. :-)

Bite Me Edward

Pattern from

Edward Cullen

Pattern from

Twilight Movie Poster

Pattern from

New Moon Poster

Pattern from


Pattern from This one is actually not totally done, I want to touch it up some more. But I did it on Halloween day and by the time I got this far, my hand was so tired!

twilight pumpkins LARGE

This is four patterns on one pumpkin. The Twilight book cover pattern is from but the other three patterns I created myself.