Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twilight Fan Fiction: Torn in Two

Another thing I forgot to post on my blog: my latest Fan Fiction story. It's my first attempt at a non-Cullen-centric story.

Banner created by the lovely annamorphos. Thank you!

Summary: Leah Clearwater was working on moving past her heartbreak over Sam. Life was slowly getting better. Then, one day, everything changed.

I finally created an account at Here's the link to the story: It can also be found on my LiveJournal and

I wrote this for Novel Novice Twilight's July-August challenge and took first place!

Although NNT doesn't usually have prizes for their fan fiction challenge, this time they did. Check out this really awesome autographed Twilight cast photo I received! You can imagine how excited I was. Totally worth delving into a little wolf fiction. :-)