Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sewing for Baby

I'm expecting my second child, a girl, in September. Although I've never been a fan of wearing dresses myself, I got hit with the bug to sew some dresses for baby. I still have a few cut waiting to be sewn.

This dress and panties set are actually from the same fabric. One photo used the flash and the other didn't, that's why the colors look different. This is size 6 months.


This dress I actually sewed for a friend's baby. She will be going to a wedding in September. The fabric is just beautiful. I used this as a "practice" dress for sewing my daughter's Christening Gown. Size 3 months.



My baby's Christening Gown. Although in some ways easier than the pink dress above, because this was sized 0-3 months, the sleeves were a bit of a challenge!
IMG_0353 copy_edited-1

IMG_0359 copy

IMG_0364 copy


Julie said...

Wow, the christening gown is gorgeous!! Nice job :-) And I'm amazed at how different those colors look -- which one is closer to "real"?

Scrappin' Natural Mama said...

The panties are more true to the fabric, I think. I'll have to try to get better pics. I've also sewn a shirt in that fabric I have yet to get a pic of.