Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twilight Scrapbook: First Kiss

Not sure if I like this layout or not. Maybe it just needs something a border around the page or something??

Red photo mat: Twilight Moon mini-kit
Heart: fanpire kit
Ribbons, paper, torn journal mat: Cullen kit

See this post: for links to all the kits used in this layout.



Linda said...

I love it!
I liked the kiss in the book more, but I just like everything from the books better (although I really loveeee the movie, most characters are perfectly cast)


Scrappin' Natural Mama said...

Overall I love the book much more than the movie. The kiss scene was one of the very few I liked better in the movie. I just really really loved that kiss. :-)

I wish more had been put into the movie, the way Edward kisses her neck, traces her collarbone with his fingertips.... *sigh*