Friday, April 24, 2009

Twilight Themed Digital Scrapping Freebies

I've started to gather a nice collection of Twilight-themed digital scrapping freebies. I've put them all in a single post here, with links, for reference. Enjoy!

Eclipse Kit from Urban Fairy Tales

Down La Push Kit from Urban Fairy Tales

downlapushpreview copy

Twilight Kit from Urban Fairy Tales
twilightpreview copy

Cullen Kit by The ScrapLoft
Kathy Goldstein_Cullen_Preview

Jacob Black Kit by The ScrapLoft
Kathy Goldstein_The Pack_preview

I'm a Fanpire Add-on by Tangie Baxter

A Saga Freebie by PYSB

A Saga Freebie #2

Jacob Kit from Ellie Lash

Edward Kit from Ellie Lash

Twilight Moon Mini Kit from As Designed By Kat

I Bit a Pillow by Brownie Scraps



Linda said...

Hi there!

Thank you so much! I think that will really be handy. I like photoshopping very much =)
I have one question though, I hope you do not mind.

You told me that your layouts were 12x12 inches, which is the same as 3600x3600 pixels. In my Photoshop however, that isn't the same! So what do I have to use? Can you help me out?

Thank you, and I reallyyyy love you layouts!

- Linda

Scrappin' Natural Mama said...

It's probably your resolution. I use 300 pixels per inch. 12 inches x 300 pixels per inch = 3600 pixels.

In my Photoshop Elements 5.0, when I create a new document, right under the height and width is the box for resolution. Even if you have a different version of Photoshop it's probably very similar.

Also check that you're using inches and not centimeters. Or if you prefer centimeters, convert the numbers. :-) I don't know what the equivalents would be.

Hope this helps!

Linda said...

Thanks, I am going to try it out!

Linda said...

Woow, it works! Thank you so much :D

Kate said...

Thank you for the awesome links!! I downloaded a few of my favs. :)