Monday, May 11, 2009

Twilight Fan Fiction: NNT's Mar-Apr Challenge

As I promised a few days ago here are my two entries to Novel Novice Twilight's March/April Challenge. I did not win any rankings this time, but from what I have read of the ones that did win, they really deserved to win. The challenge was to write a scene from Edward's perspective but it had to be a scene that wasn't already included in the four books.

My first entry, Charlie's Interference, takes place shortly after Twilight ends, a couple of months before New Moon begins.

My second entry, Impossible, takes place near the end of Twilight, when Edward is flying to Phoenix to take Bella into hiding. About half-way through it joins up with Twilight.

I'm working on several more pieces, but it will depend on if I get it all done in time. One is for a contest at Twilighter's Anonymous due May 15. Another is for Twilighter's Anonymous' next Twibble contest due May 17. And finally, the next Novel Novice Twilight Challenge, which isn't due until June 30, but I have two ideas I want to write for that one.